Freightliner Truck with a GRILLA truck grill


GRILLA is a company created to provide an economical and practical solution to the problems with the brittle and expensive OEM plastic grille.

Freightliner Trucks

We have been building  grills for your FL series trucks for over six years and now offer a high quality, aluminum replacement for the M2 Series Freightliners.


GRILLA, home to the GRILLA line of grills for Freightliner trucks, is an independant design and manufactring company. We are not affiliate with Freightliner.  Freightliner is the registerd trademark of Freightliner Corp. and is used (along with the various vehicle model designations) by GRILLA to describe product application. 

Our group prides itself in producing high quality, unique products at a moderate price, designed and built right here in the USA.  Please contact us with any questions. We are dedicated to providing you with quality products for the long haul.

We are located in Vista, California (north of San Diego).

Contact us by calling: 1-800-944-1574

  or email us at

  or Fax: 760-597-8743

  or by sending snail mail to:

   1235 Activity Drive, Suite F
    Vista, CA 92081

Let GRILLA help you beat the Freightlliner Blues.